From owned to earned - the B2B communications guide to getting valuable media coverage

Most B2B companies do some sort of owned content. Quality and success can vary greatly, but the value of a company blog or other owned media is pretty well understood by the majority of B2B marketers.
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But once you’ve spent the time creating eBooks or whitepapers, or set up a regular blogging presence, what can you do next?

Earned media is often the missing pillar of a B2B organization’s implementation of the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned) model.

With the right approach and correct technique any company – regardless of size or ‘stature’ – can benefit from adding an earned media component to its content strategy to:

  • Take your message to a much wider range of prospects
  • Build credibility through trusted third-party endorsement
  • Improve on your link building strategy
  • Join or change the conversation taking place in the media

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