B2B content for vertical marketing success – get your content seen and prospects engaged in the markets that matter

Building credibility or generating demand from specific vertical industries or niche markets requires a structured approach to B2B communications.
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Broad sweep, generic marketing messages have little effect in B2B and are being outperformed by content which directly tackles industry-specific pain points, challenges and offers relevant guidance to a specialized audience.

As powerful as these messages can be, they need to be delivered over the right platforms and though targeted media outlets to ensure they hit their intended audience.

In this eBook we cover some of the key principles to take horizontal marketing and shape it for vertical industry prospects. This will enable you to:

  • Find the right stories to demonstrate your industry expertise and technical prowess
  • Strategically position your key personnel as thought leaders in your most valuable markets
  • Use your customer expertise as a foundation for great content and get closer to the decision-makers that matter
  • Elevate your brand as a centre of excellence in growth markets

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