Introducing the Global Outreach Hub

Scalable, low-cost international B2B PR from a single source

Juggling budgets with expansion plans is always front of mind for B2B companies, and never more so than now as businesses move out of pandemic lockdown and into the new norm. But marketing ambitions need not be put on hold and marketers need not be overfaced by the large retainer fees demanded by global marcoms agencies. The IBA Global Outreach Hub offers a highly controllable, low cost, accountable, and scalable PR campaign service tailored to your industries and geographies. The Hub delivers compelling thought leadership, social media and content creation to put your brand in front of the prospects you need.

How it works

Global asset creation and curation
Whatever your industry or geography, we can write or tailor your content to be relevant, ensure your messages are compelling to journalists, and get your content placed in the target media your prospects read.
An outreach team from a single hub
Flat monthly billing, high accountability, compelling metrics

See the results from a year in the life of a global enterprise tech client

We targeted 7 vertical industries
We ran the campaign across 16 geographies
1,003 items of media coverage
€2 million in advertising equivalency - at a fraction of the cost using IBA's Global Outreach Hub
Reaching a unique monthly audience of 4,162,450 - targeted by industries, by country, by job title‬

See how much you can save

If you want learn how the Global Outreach Hub can help take your brand worldwide, get in touch with the IBA team by emailing us or completing the form below.

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