Award season has kicked off, with the Golden Globes and Grammys getting the ball rolling and the Oscars not far off either. Whether you’re glued to the screen, don’t give a DAMN1 or “too cool to care but will check the list of winners just in case”, you can’t ignore the buzz these glamorous events create. But in January, the IBA team was so busy that the outrage over Despacito not winning a Grammy didn’t even crop up in the office! So, what have we been up to?

The team had their own internationally attended events to manage. Firstly, our enterprise networking and communications client ran its annual sales kick-off, partner and analyst event across four continents. The IBA team had been hard at work in the run up to these events, securing the attendance of seven top journalists in Europe, planning and executing event social media in other geographies, as well as writing and distributing a post-show press release. At the same time, other IBA team members were putting in place press support around a key industry event attended by our insurance claims analytics client in Budapest.

Our US-based payment processing client chose to prioritize research over refreshments – getting A Deeper Understanding2 of the industry, so to speak. The company has just launched its sixth annual research series looking into technology adoption, beginning with Accounts Receivable Management, with other key verticals to follow later this year. We’re busy creating PR momentum with press releases, thought-leadership articles and social media updates around the developments – with no intent of being HUMBLE3 about it!

Finally, we’d like to present the Best New Client award to our new digital business solutions provider! We’re looking forward to working with such an exciting company and to position it as the leading digital transformation provider in its target markets in the UK.

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?


1 The Grammys Best Rap Album: Kendrick Lamar – DAMN
2 The Grammys Best Rock Album: The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding
3 The Grammys Best Rap Song: Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE

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