With the holiday season upon us, many people will be winding down for the winter break and you may find your inbox not so overloaded. Traditionally a time for B2C PR frenzy, there is plenty of scope in the B2B space to take advantage of this time and use it to get even more exposure and media coverage.

Take a look at our five top tips to make the most of the holiday’s PR opportunities.

1. New year, new trends
Prediction articles are popular this time of year. Thought leadership which takes a look at the year ahead and forecasts how industries will change are a good way to position your clients on the hot topics, and demonstrate valuable industry knowledge in their key markets.

2. Re-wrap winning content
Give your best pieces a new spin. Cut down an article into a blog post or use it to start a conversation on LinkedIn and reach a different audience. Or give it a new lease of life and change the angle of a piece to pitch to new vertical markets with a focus on specific industry needs.

3. Test new channels
Test this content on new forms of social media. Getting used to the style of each channel takes time but is key. Writing witty 140 character tweets is a whole different game to an informative yet casual LinkedIn post. Remember to check engagement levels so you can see what’s working and what isn’t – and adapt accordingly.

4. Get posting
Social media use increases over the holiday period with people having more free time and wanting to engage in the holiday spirit. Take advantage of this and increase your posting, don’t forget to include festive messages and remember not everyone celebrates Christmas – a “#HappyChanukah” post will also be appreciated!

5. Plan for 2017
Have a less stressful start to the new year with a plan already in place. Take a look at pieces you wrote this year that might feature again, write down that topic a client mentioned 6 months ago which felt so far in the future that you haven’t given it a second thought. 2017 media kits are out, so check if there are any features which fit your brief and make note of deadline dates for 2017.

The holidays are almost here but there are still lots of opportunities to squeeze a little more out of 2016 and get set to hit the ground running in 2017. Follow some of our tips and you may find the gift on the list of all clients – some great media exposure and increased social engagement. Happy Holidays…

Amanda Rowland is PR Executive at IBA International.

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