Ding-dong, ding-dong, a royal wedding is on the horizon! Prince Harry is officially off the market, and while the guys in the IBA office won’t shed a tear, I reserve the right to be at least a little heartbroken.

But here’s the thing. Although – to quote the singer Lorde – “I will never be a royal”, I noticed something that made me feel more involved, even if it’s a bit of a stretch. The team at IBA have been busy announcing new partnerships of our own, with press releases across our client accounts. We’ve also been inviting guests to multiple client events – not quite a royal wedding, but just as important!

We know a partnership story is important news – be that between couples or businesses. That’s why we’ve been putting extra emphasis on heralding the success of our enterprise software client, which has just expanded its global partner network in aerospace and defense. We’ve been busy doing the same for our fintech client in the US, which is set to announce two key software partnerships to close 2017 and open 2018 on a high.

Any event requires a guest list, and guest lists require invitations. That’s why we have been working on inviting journalists to a leading insurance conference in Budapest, where our business analytics client will present the future implications of cybercrime to key decision-makers and analysts. We have also been reaching out to press attendees for our enterprise communications client’s annual kick-off event in January, securing a number of journalists from top publications, across four European geographies.

Getting the right people there is crucial – and we don’t need a golden quill or wax seal to convince prospective guests. Tech giants don’t wear crowns, they wear awards – on their branding, website and social media platforms. In November, our enterprise communications client received two industry awards for the success of its networking and cloud solutions. The IBA team worked on press releases and a social media strategy to communicate this news – making social media engagement, and NOT the royal engagement, the buzzword of the office.

Réka Ágopcsa is PR Executive at IBA International.

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