For the past month or so I’ve been enjoying the shift in office discussions which now have a focus on Game of Thrones, The Handmaids Tale and other various TV shows. But this is but a brief respite, as I realised that one of the dullest subjects around is about to come back in full force and take over all office conversation. Unfortunately, the football season is back.

As the only person in my team with zero interest in the sport, the pending constant drivel of fantasy teams, cup games and transfers is something I’m dreading, much like the increasing number of out of office replies and cancelled meetings we see as people take off for the summer.

This quieter time over July/August is known in the media as the ‘silly season’ and a lack of real news and brewing boredom results in bizarre and outlandish stories in the media. My vote goes for the US dog surfing championships covered by the BBC.

At IBA the team has been making sure the summer isn’t slow for our clients – so boredom hasn’t been on the radar. We’ve scored* our enterprise networking and communications client a place on a number of technology round tables this month which resulted in top tier coverage. Our US-based payment processing client found themselves in front of the financial media with several interviews and a spot on a leading payments podcast in response to a FinTech article drafted and pitched by the team.

Meanwhile the Pitch&Place team was also helping our enterprise software client receive record coverage for both its international aerospace and defense focused campaign and for its local campaign into North American vertical and horizontal markets.

As always, we’ve continued our social media strategies for every client, sharing industry news stories, placed content and key news announcements.

With the ‘silly season’ closing in here’s hoping for a busy September to keep the football chat at bay.

*The only pun going in this piece much to the disappointment of the boys.
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Amanda Rowland is PR Executive at IBA International.

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