If you’ve read our latest blog post, you’ll know that we’re advocating business continuity during the uncertain times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s important to keep thinking outside the box, and we’re practicing what we preach by helping our clients be creative to keep campaigns rolling. At a time when their clients are suffering pain in the current climate, we’re helping them produce and communicate thoughtful and helpful content. First to be posted as blogs and then converted into opinion pieces for placement in Tier One publications. Helpful once again, because with up to 80% of PR budgets slashed, editors are crying out for good copy.

Just two examples show how we helped turn our client’s ‘solutions knowledge’ into timely copy and leveraged that into powerful coverage. You can follow their example.

If you’ve got expertise – share it!
Our global insurance technology client has a specialist solution for automated claims management. We worked with them on a piece on how to allow insurance claims to be settled quickly outside of court: helpful in the current climate as it’s efficient and doesn’t involve face-to-face contact; timely because it allows their clients to overcome its effects. We’ve had great Tier One media response so far.

If you’ve got insight – share it!
Moving to the US, we’ve assisted our North American enterprise software client in a similar way. In the current crisis, the big question for its manufacturing clients is how can they change production quickly? Our editorial team worked together with the client to place an insightful thought leadership piece explaining the business requirements for changing to develop high-demand items—could be ventilators, hand sanitizers or tools for home working, whatever. The result? A front cover and a great bylined piece in a top manufacturing magazine with over 200,000 UVPM, a highly targeted audience.

Ideas bounce well – even with remote working
In this time the relationship between client and agency is more important than ever. We’ve enjoyed being able to support our clients and despite reduced budgets, have made great efforts to maintain communications with them. We marketing folk deal in ideas, and it’s important to keep them bouncing off each other when we are all working remotely.

Eleanor Rhodes is a PR Account Executive at IBA International.

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