It’s out with the old and in with the new – in with the new indeed epitomized by my arrival at IBA. I’m Georgia, the latest IBA recruit, learning my trade in PR with a face mask, social distancing, PPE screens and plenty of virtual meetings!

So it’s goodbye to troublesome old 2020 and hello to a fresh, new 2021 – let’s hope on a global scale it ends better than it started! Our market research shows businesses are looking to a positive 12 months filled with fresh ideas, products and new markets.

Media outlets are busy thinking about the topics they will be focusing on during 2021 – their editorial calendars are being published as I type… The most proactive B2B marketing campaigns will make good use of this information – check out our first blog of the year for more on how to pull off the perfect hot topic heist.

Preparations already underway for a critical product launch

I arrived in January to a storm of activity with some new clients to start positioning and new campaigns to get launched – so it’s all systems go for the team here! One of our clients is about to launch its biggest solution release yet at the end of Q1. We’re already working hard to secure target technology and industry journalists to register. It will be my first experience of a virtual global event – I have my digital seat belt fastened!

Seeing Pitch&Place at first hand!

The new year is a time when B2B organizations and journalists alike are looking into their crystal balls to predict key changes that they believe will be significant within their industries, in the coming year.

I’ve been able to experience first-hand how the IBA Pitch&Place specialists here work, taking these predictions to the media. I have already seen the constant to and fro with journalists to secure placements in top-tier publications across all industries in North America, Europe and the APAC – with many more still more still to come. A great way to kick off 2021!

The rise of AI and voice analytics

It’s great to be working with a team that is right on the forefront of leading-edge technologies. We’ve just begun work with a new client that develops AI technologies and in particular in the remarkable and growing area of voice and facial analytics. Our client has been extensively recognized for its advancements in AI-powered voice and facial recognition, most recently with the Frost & Sullivan 2020 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award – and we used this as a key messaging hook to support the solution launch.

Our follow-up bylined article has already attracted the attention of journalists within our own target markets of the UK and Germany!

It’s safe to say we are off to a very encouraging start – as am I!

Georgia Harris is a PR Account Executive at IBA International.

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