It’s been a few months since our last round-up of IBA contributions to influential PR and marketing media outlets, so we thought it a good time to bring you all up to speed with the interest we have received for our strategy tips, topical trends analyses and best PR practice for the B2B marketing community.

Always lead by example to assert your industry expertise

For over 80% of marketers, content marketing is a top priority and if you check out our recent IBA blog, you’ll see why. It’s a key way for businesses to get in front of the right audience to build the pipeline and maximize brand awareness. But making the content work for you needs more than just posting on your website, so it was good to see marketing media in the UK and U.S. were keen to publish our thoughts on PR strategy around the importance of signals over words, TikTok’s role in B2B, and how some old ideas are often the best – with a little help of some trends jacking.

Here’s our top three highlights of IBA’s thought leadership pieces, placed in key marcom publications and designed to help marketing managers and businesses take their B2B marketing strategies to the next level:

  1. Reading the right PR signals – how to tell your campaign is generating momentum – Social Songbird, PRNEWS and WARC

To kickstart the year, our first P&P article outlines how companies can put signal theory into practice to generate PR campaign momentum. Simon Woolley at IBA explores how using signal theory to share a carefully created pattern of company information and thought leadership can have a positive effect on how a journalist views a B2B organization vs. its competitors – and significantly boost coverage levels in new markets and new geographies.

With marketers looking for tips on campaign planning, this article was a timely piece picked up by many leading marketing publications across the U.S. and UK who clearly agreed!

  1. TikTok earns its rightful place in social media marketing strategies – AiThority, WARC and Social Songbird

TikTok has taken the world by storm this year – amassing 500 million active users worldwide – and IBA wasn’t about to be left out of the action! Our second P&P article analyzes the role of TikTok in B2B communication strategies for 2022. In this, IBA’s Lois Unsworth explores why TikTok can be a crucial platform for campaigns and help businesses grow their outreach and customer engagement with a whole new audience.

Determined to practice what we preach, the IBA team have just recently started on a TikTok campaign for one of our clients, a leading British equestrian team, looking to try new tactics and expand their social media outreach. It’s early days but so far we’re off at a canter!

  1. Is it good to recycle old PR ideas? PRmoment

Coverage following a successful outreach campaign can be rewarding but nothing beats a feature opportunity that stems from these efforts. Just recently, our TikTok campaign resulted in an editor from PRmoment reaching out to the team for contributions on an upcoming feature on the topic of recycling successful campaigns. Judith Ingleton Beer’s IBA advice on why timely, relevant and positive newsjacking can be a perfect springboard to breathe new life into campaign messaging alongside other leading PR professionals – and is a clear indication of our industry expertise!

P&P is in full swing!

With a constant stream of placements under our collective belt, the IBA team is certainly not ready to rest on its laurels. The team is busy drafting our next thought leadership articles – so watch this PR and Marketing space for what’s to come!

Hannah Watson is PR Executive at IBA International.

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