• New high-impact, low-cost, global PR support package launched for organizations looking to boost marketing drives and enter new markets 2021 post-Brexit and hopefully post-pandemic
  • Launch follows IBA primary research that finds B2B organizations feel expansion and recovery plans are held back by poor PR and marketing agency support
  • Hub provides streamlined thought leadership placement for B2B organizations to quickly gain traction in new geographies and industries

December 08, 2020  IBA International, one of the UK’s longest established global PR companies, today unveiled the IBA Global Outreach Hub, a new fixed price and low-cost international marketing solution for B2B organizations. The Global Outreach Hub supports B2B marketing departments by converting thought leadership, marketing assets and blog posts into editorial pieces to be placed in leading publications in their target geographies. The service has been developed following research evidence that B2B organizations are unhappy with their current agency support and are looking to switch industry focus post-lockdown and reduce costs of penetrating new international markets post-Brexit.

Recent IBA research found that 86% of B2B organizations have altered their product roadmap due to COVID-19, while nearly a third are considering expanding into new geographies or industries. But the key limiting factor in this expansion and recovery plans is their PR and marketing agency support – only 11% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with their current agency support, citing high costs, lack of visibility and poor international traction as key inhibitors.

To meet this demand, the Global Outreach Hub editorial team adapts existing marketing material to produce a central content stack of thought leadership pieces for placement in key magazines in target geographies. The base-line service priced at as little as $2,800 per month, produces and pitches three separate industry stories each month to clients’ target media outlets, and can be expanded at an incrementally lower price. It guarantees an average of three placements for each piece pitched per target industry or per geography to produce a constant stream of coverage to be exploited on company websites and through social media.

“Based on this clear-cut industry feedback, IBA has developed the Global Outreach Hub for B2B organizations looking to rapidly gain press traction to penetrate new markets,” said Judith Ingleton-Beer, CEO, IBA International. “Whatever their geography or industry, this new low-cost, transparent and flatly-billed solution provides journalists with relevant and innovative commentary on their industry’s newest hot topics, positioning our client as an industry leader and cementing the value of the brand.

“Working digitally with a large global client base, IBA has found B2B journalists value content-based digital relationships with our clients rather than the traditional social relationship-based on consumer PR of the last generation of ‘red brick’ international agencies.”

With over fifty years of working for many of the world’s leading B2B corporations, IBA has developed a fully relational database which allows it to deliver client messages to the inbox of targeted journalists in over 120,000 media outlets worldwide. The Global Outreach Hub uses the core skill sets of IBA Pitch&Place engagement specialists to establish a digital content relationship with journalists in agreed target media. Placements are quickly delivered directly to journalists in geographic markets to remove the message dilution effect and avoid the costs of dealing with remote local agencies.

About us
Ingleton-Beer Associates (IBA) is the strategic market communications consultancy division of Special Interest Publications Limited, which was originally founded in 1966 as a pioneering publisher of leading technology and management publications. IBA’s experienced consultancy, writing and engagement team offers clients a complete strategic consultancy for all aspects of public relations on an international basis. Clients range from leading communications and network organizations, global enterprise software vendors to advanced fintech and agritech organizations.

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